Date : 16/07/2019

Phoebe de Winter of Rob Peetoom Hair + Make-up Zuidas filled us in on why first impressions are important and how to be sure you make a good one.

Rob Peetoom is a veritable institution in Zuidas when it comes down to haircuts, hair colouring, hair styling and make-up. Phoebe de Winter started out working for the chain as a hairdresser fifteen years ago and instantly connected with the Rob Peetoom philosophy. She invested lots of time each year to perfect her hair and make-up skills. And then, four years ago, she was asked to become a partner in the business. She opened a swish salon in Zuidas and her business has been booming ever since. We got Phoebe to explain why it’s so important to take care of your appearance so as to make a good first impression.


Part of the Rob Peetoom philosophy is to ask customers lots of questions. ‘That’s how we find out who our customers are’, says Phoebe. ‘We want to know what makes them feel good and what suits them. Their answers are important because that’s how we know what sort of aesthetic enhancement we can provide. Next to that, we also look closely at their face and facial shape after which we make an analysis based on possibilities instead of limitations.’


Phoebe cites research demonstrating that first impressions make a big impact: if a person comes across as neat, tidy and appropriate, an interview or negotiations tends to go a lot more smoothly. ‘Effectively, by paying attention to this, you make things easier on yourself. In Zuidas there are lots of men and women whose job is to represent their company, so first impressions play a part. Everyone has their own area of expertise, and ours is to facilitate people in creating the right look. And you don’t need to be a pro to achieve that, because we’re here to advise you. Even small steps can make a very big difference.’


‘Hair, eyebrows, make-up and nails are the main components of a first impression’, Phoebe sums up. ‘Our salon handless them all. If you decide to get your hair coloured, you can also get your nails or eyebrows done in the meantime. We also have a big table with newspapers and magazines, where customers routinely sit to work through their emails in the time it takes for the dye to process, to name an example. Others simply use the time to
sit and relax. Either way, we cater to our customers as best we can. You can make an appointment any time, or just drop in for a free consultation.’

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