The tailor-made clothing experience by MISURA SARTORIA & MIELE LAUNDRY CLUB!

Date : 11/06/2019

Shopping in Zuidas just got better, with Misura Sartoria having recently opened its doors on Gershwinplein! This is the place to be for bespoke suits and high-class service. And as an added bonus, Misura Sartoria has teamed up with Miele Laundry Club – a new flexible laundry service. Hello Zuidas sat down with Rick Versnel, co-owner of Misura Sartoria, and Jos Werner of Miele Laundry Club to hear more about their products and the partnership between these premium brands.


Seven years ago, says Rick, he and his partner Jimmy Karaaslan opened their first location in Amersfoort. ‘Our Amersfoort shop got off to a flying start, so we opened another in Rotterdam shortly after that. And there we began to notice more and more people were coming from Amsterdam to seek us out, so when this spot on Gershwinplein came up for offer last year, we didn’t have to think twice. Having a big city nearby is great for us, because it works like a magnet. Now, with these three locations, we’re within easy reach for everyone. Bespoke tailoring is our core business. We craft a completely new creation for each and every customer; men and women. We take the measurements for fabrics and products and look at our customers’ expectations in order to arrive, ultimately, at a perfect fit. At this location, we have three floors, each with its own label. Our bespoke service is one of those labels, and besides that we have a floor for casual wear and another for wedding suits, for which there is a big demand as well.’


Misura Sartoria partnered up with the Miele Laundry Club as soon as its Zuidas location was up and running. ‘We just launched this service and have a laundry drop-off point in this shop’, Jos tell us. ‘Of course, we can also collect laundry from our customers at home or work. Two days later, we return it fresh and clean! Our service centres on supplying Miele quality right at home as a better alternative to today’s launderettes and dry cleaners. We get a lot of men bringing in their shirts because they can’t stand ironing, but also families with all their loads of laundry, down to the kids’ pyjamas. Of course, we can also launder delicate and fragile fabrics. Basically, we do it all. Misura and Miele Laundry Club both love high-quality service and that connects us.’


Misura, in Italian, means ‘measure’ and sartoria means tailor’s shop. So Misura Sartoria literally means ‘bespoke shop’. The term sartoria is used a lot in Italian to refer to places where products are made. Many of Misura Sartoria’s fabrics are imported from Italy, and the suits are also made there. Lines that Misura works with include Loro Piana, Scabal, Ariston, Carlo Barbera, Guabello and Reda. Their Gershwinplein location has a tailor in the shop five days a week, ready to assist customers. So if you lose a button or tear a hem, feel free to drop by!


Customers can use the website to create an account and schedule a convenient collection and return time, as well as indicate what kind and how many garments they wish to have laundered. After creating an order, customers receive a laundry bag. Miele takes care of the follow-up process! Items are sorted by colour and textile. Miele Laundry Club also works to protect the environment. All deliveries are carried out by bike and laundered items are returned in a recyclable paper folding bag. Within two minutes you have an empty laundry basket!


Gershwinplein 4
1082 MV Amsterdam +31 (0)20 7743700