Keyless Rental is ‘key’ to the future

Date : 14/03/2019

Living and working in Zuidas has quite a few perks, mobility-wise. With a large – and growing – intercity railway station, direct access to the Amsterdam ring road and, since last summer, a fabulous and fast metro connection to the city centre, critical readers may well wonder how a mobility service provider like Sixt can top all that.

The answer is that Zuidas’ development as a full- fledged mobility hub is precisely what makes this spot so interesting. The future of mobility starts
right here. And we at Sixt want to be a part of the transformation, securing our position as a supplier of four-wheel freedom in Zuidas. Take the many major companies based here: these days, employers are no longer looking to give every staff member their own set of wheels. Or take all the people who live in Zuidas – people who have opted for a place where parking is limited, but still want to drive to a ski or beach destination come the holidays.

Whereas the future of mobility is often touted with big words, in reality the change is a matter of small steps. At Sixt, we want to facilitate Zuidas to take those small steps. One important step that we’re excited about is keyless rental: simply book the car of your choice using our app and then use your mobile to unlock your ride. No service desk, no paperwork, no wait. Sixt already offers keyless rental for 80 BMWs and Audis at our Amsterdam RAI location. Because we believe mobility is about not only how fast you can be at your destination, but how fast you can be on your way.

When talking about the future of mobility, electric cars have an important role to play. After all, freedom on wheels is far more liberating when there’s no environmental burden. In addition to our existing electric fleet of Volkswagen e-Golf, BMW i3 and Tesla cars, Sixt last year added the Jaguar I-PACE. Smart and sleek, this is a car made for Zuidas. S