Date : 13/08/2019

Whether you live, work or study in Zuidas, everyone is welcome at the local pharmacy, Zuidas Apotheek. Located on Gustav Mahlerlaan, the pharmacy has been up and running for several months now and does a lot more than just dispense prescriptions. For starters, there’s also an affiliated general practice. We talked to Daan Jansen, a pharmacist at Zuidas Apotheek, and Gijs Jan Mackay, GP at the affiliated practice.

Fit clientele
Quite a few area residents have already registered with Zuidas Apotheek and the GP. ‘Of course, for those who live here it’s great to have a pharmacy and GP nearby. But we are also here for the convenience of people who work here, because it means you don’t have to race home to beat closing time. And since you’re free to register with more than one pharmacy, it’s not like you’re tied to only one, Daan tells us. ‘A large group of internationals already registered’, Gijs Jan adds. ‘We also noticed that there are a lot of fitter seniors who live independently in the apartments around here. Overall, in fact, the fitness level of our patients is remarkably high. ‘Witch is very positive of course.’

Prevention is currently a hot topic in the medical world. Gijs Jan confirms this. ‘In other countries it’s customary to get routine medical check-ups, such as checking blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, blood sugar – that sort of thing. Preventative check-ups are becoming increasingly common in this country, too, and are reimbursed by insurance companies. Everybody who wants one can schedule a check-up here.’ In cooperation with the general practice, we’re setting up a screening centre in the pharmacy, says Daan. You can walk in at any time, whenever you want simple things checked, like your blood pressure, whereas for a more comprehensive test you can make a appointment. In addition, we want to offer a full range of services at this location, so when your results come in, we can also guide you through the next steps. Our goal is to make people healthier and fitter, using as little medication as possible.’


Gustav Mahlerlaan 635 1082 MK Amsterdam
+ 31 (0)20 211 1118 www.zuidasapotheek.n


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