How to help internationals feel at home? Corporate Housing Factory has the answer

Date : 19/06/2019

Corporate Housing Factory is one of the Netherlands’ largest providers of serviced apartments catering exclusively to the corporate market, and one of the few specialized in that area. They believe in creating a home away from home for many of the international employees who come to the Netherlands for work assignments, with a concept that offers today’s business traveller a warm homecoming, combined with the service and comforts of a luxury hotel. Hello Zuidas met up with Michael Berendsen and Jouke Baaima, co-owners of Corporate Housing Factory, at their new offices on Gustav Mahlerlaan.

Personal attention
Corporate Housing Factory has been serving the market for more than five years now and has welcomed quite a few international guests. Creating a home away from home is very important, Michael and Jouke agree. ‘Over these past years we’ve listened closely to our guests, so we could pinpoint what’s important and what they require. We noticed that people really want personal attention, and also that they want to feel at home as quickly as possible’, Jouke explains. ‘So now’, says Michael, ‘whenever we get a new reservation from, say, a family, we can arrange for a taxi to collect them from Schiphol and see to it that someone is there when they check in, who shows them how everything works at the apartment. People really appreciate that.’

Digital concierge
Recently, Corporate Housing Factory also relaunched a special app for guests, Jouke tells us. ‘We do our best to keep up with developments and realized that we could create an app that would be an added value for our customers. The app contains all the information our international guests need about the apartment and the neighbourhood.’ Michael adds, ‘We were looking for a solution that understands our serviced apartments business, supports our existing operations and at the same time can grow in sync with our expansion plans. This app is a bit like a portable concierge: an extra service for our guests that enhances their stay’.

In recent years, Michael and Jouke have also seen a shift in their clientele. ‘I’ve noticed that these days, people are younger when they go overseas’, Jouke says. ‘It used to be that an international career came with seniority, but now there’s a much bigger mix of ages.’ Michael agrees. ‘We even see trainees. And then it’s not surprising that their employers choose our service, because apart from our hospitality, we’re often less expensive than a hotel, and if you’re staying for several months, that adds up.’ Besides, the feeling of having a genuine home away from home is worth a million.

Corporate Housing Factory has apartments in the Amsterdam Zuidas and in many other cities all over the Netherlands. For more information, visit


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